Marisa Tomei diet and exercise

Photo of Marissa Tomey in a red swimsuitShe maybe 45 years old but does not even look 30.  Obviously, as has been shown over and over again, her secret to looking so young and pretty is diet, exercise, and attitude.  From her Shape interview, here are the takeaways if you want to follow her simple fitness advice.


Nothing complicated except for a glass of water with lemon the first thing in the morning (it is basically a DIY detox).  I do that before my cup of Cafe Pajaro but she is not into coffee.  Her breakfast is fresh fruits and granola with whole-milk yogurt.  Good but not as great as my organic steel-cut oatmeal.  Then she has several small meals a day with protein rich snacks.  Remember do not overdo proteins because that may stress your kidneys.


All the way from hula hoops to bellydancing to yoga.


If you are a happy person with a positive attitude, your stress will disappear and the aging process will slow down.  She says, “It’s fun to be a night owl, or feel naughty, drink wine, and have sex!”

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