Why did Ashlee Simpson divorce Pete Wentz?

Pictre of Ashlay Simpsen and Pate WentsThis is just such a fascinating story.  An evangelical pastor Joe Simpson abandons his ministry when he realizes that his daughters are hot and instead of serving Christ, he becomes a minor celebrity glowing in the spotlight of his daughters and shameless talks about his daughters’ big breasts.  He offended fellow evangelicals so much that the daughters receive a curse.

And looks like the curse is working.  Jessica Simpson got a divorce and now Ashlee Simpson had divorced Pete Wentz.  Rumors indicate that the woman is a diva and like Nick Lachey, Wentz too tried to save the marriage.  The dispute is so nasty that Ashlee wants primary physical custody of their son Bronx Mowgli, yet another weirdly named baby.

While you can brush it off as yet another Hollywood divorce, but remember that they both married in a lavish Alice In Wonderland theme wedding.  The buzz is that the couple just grew apart and reached a point of no return.

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