Should I keep pursuing a woman that flirted with me?

Roger writes, “I met a charming, pretty, married woman while hanging out with a few friends at a pool party.  Her husband was with her but looks like they were not happy with each other.  It almost appeared that they were not even together, what to say if they were married.  Despite knowing her situation, I would like to get to know each other.  She did make persistent eye contact with me.  You know an extramarital affair is really not my ultimate goal with this woman unless that is all she is out to do is have an affair.  I believe just by seeing that the husband was not loving towards her that they were not very close.   He had that look like a lost puppy or something and the rest of the day I didn’t watch their every move but they didn’t sit beside each other.  She angled her chair back my my way, maybe to have a good line of sight, I don’t know but the rest of the day they didn’t do nothing together and he himself never even once played with their kids.  I mean, come on, be a daddy, especially when you are in a beautiful pool and yard that my friends have. She was always very short with him when something was said.  You know I also thought to myself maybe I was looking too much and it bothered her but if it bothered at all don’t you think that she would have said something to her husband about it and he would have it least cut some eyes at me, but no, that dude never looked my way.  Like I say I am just not sure and I personally am not the one who gives up, so I will pursue this until I get a chance to find out.  What do you think?”

I totally agree with you because I know many couples who are technically married but are so far from each other in every way, even sleeping in different beds at home.  Many of them are together just for the sake of kids but are otherwise just roommates in a house.  I even wonder if the kids are from a previous marriage.  So her behavior is clearly that of someone not happy in her marriage and that man — assuming that he is her husband — doesn’t care about her or the kids.  So good luck in keeping up the effort because only perseverance leads to success.  I strongly suggest that you keep trying to attend other events when you can meet with her.

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