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How to eliminate cellulite
A healthy lifestyle and a little bit of care

By Brad Callen

Photo of a girl's tight butt in a black thongWe are discussing ways to eliminate (or at least reduce) cellulite.  We discussed in the previous article about what is cellulite and and how do you get cellulite.  In the second article we talked about important factors in development of cellulite and about bands in women.  We also discussed why men don't get cellulite and other myths about cellulite and different types of creams and other technologies for treating cellulite.  In another article we discuss herbal treatments, if surgery is an option, and other natural remedies.  Now we discuss a series of exercises to deal with cellulite.

The basic theory behind all of the “theories” mentioned above all comes back to one underlying idea which is to increase circulation and drainage beneath the skin to help slow down the accumulation of cellulite. No cream, oil, electronic device, or surgery can eliminate cellulite. Some may in fact slow down the accumulation and lessen appearance of cellulite temporarily, but none have been proven to actually reduce it.

There is Hope!  With all this said, I am sure you are wondering if there is hope. Well, I have good news. There really is hope. Study after study has shown that the key to reducing cellulite significantly is by a combination of both proper diet and exercise.  Dermatologist Mitchel Goldman, MD, clinical professor, states “If someone loses a lot of weight and exercises regularly to tone up, this person will most definitely find an improvement in cellulite.”  Prevention Advisor Wane L. Westcott, PhD, says, “With the right exercise plan, you can reduce cellulite and make your lower body look smoother and firmer.”

It is a proven fact that proper dieting and exercise can and will reduce cellulite levels. Now it’s just a matter of knowing what you need to eat, what exercises you should perform, the duration of your workout, and the rest of the specifics when it comes to “proper dieting and exercise.”

As I mentioned above, the areas that typically contain cellulite are the back of the legs, also known as the hamstrings.  For your convenience I have listed four of the top hamstring exercises. Performing 4 sets 8 for 2 of the following 4 exercises, 3 days a week will tighten and firm up the trouble area found behind the upper leg. Granted, to see benefits from this you must also follow a very precise diet or your results will be very limited.

The Top Four Hamstring Exercises

1. Stiff Legged Dead Lifts

  • Grasp two dumbbells and hold them at your sides.
  • Keep your feet less than shoulder width apart. Now have your legs close to being locked and bend forward from the waist, with your back straight, until your upper body is parallel with the ground, the bar hanging at arm's length below you. Now lift your torso back up again, pull your shoulders back, and arch your lower back in for a complete lower back contraction.  If you can’t get enough of a stretch use a block or stand on a bench while doing this exercise.

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