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How to eliminate cellulite
A healthy lifestyle and a little bit of care

Photo of butt of a Brazilian woman wearing thongBy Brad Callen

We are discussing ways to eliminate (or at least reduce) cellulite.  We discussed in the previous article about what is cellulite and and how do you get cellulite.  In the second article we talked about important factors in development of cellulite and about bands in women.  We also discussed why men don't get cellulite and other myths about cellulite and different types of creams and other technologies for treating cellulite.  In another article we discuss herbal treatments, if surgery is an option, and other natural remedies.  Now we discuss a series of exercises to deal with cellulite - we have already started off with the first of the four hamstring exercises.  Here we discuss the rest three:

2. Lunges

  • Grasp two dumbbells and hold them at your sides
  • Having your back straight, head up, and chest out as if you were showing off. Step forward, bend your knees, and bring your trailing knee close to the floor. Your step should be long enough so that your back leg becomes almost straight. Push yourself back up off your heel not your toe to the starting position with one strong movement, bringing your feet together, then step forward with the other foot and repeat the movement. You can do all your repetitions with one leg, and then repeat with the other, or you can alternate throughout the set.

3. Leg Curls

  • Go to the leg curl machine and lay face down and place your heels under the lever mechanism. Your legs should be stretched out straight.
  • Staying flat on the machine, curl your legs up as far as possible, until the hamstrings get a peek contraction. Release and lower the weight under control back to the starting position. Hold on to the handles or even the bench itself to keep you from coming up off of the bench. Leg curls should be done through the fullest range of motion possible.

4. Standing Leg Curls

  • Stand up to the leg machine and place one leg behind the lever mechanism.
  • Keep yourself steady and curl the leg back toward your behind as much as possible. Get a peak contraction at the top and then lower the weight back to the starting position. Perform the set with one leg, and then repeat the exercise using the other leg. Be certain to keep the movement under control. These can be performed with ankle weights as well. Just use the ankle weights as the resistance and if you need more resistance, place two ankle weights on one leg. When using ankle weights make sure your form is extremely strict. Don't just lift the weight up and down. Take at least 2 seconds to lift the weight and hold it at the top for a second or two, and then lower the weight about a rate of 3 seconds.  

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About the authorBrad Callen is the author of the highly acclaimed weight loss e-Book titled "Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed".

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