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Do you know the true purpose of your life?
Women can sometimes forget the true purpose of their life......
By Imfwama Wotela

We have been discussing the true purpose of life and what good can we do with the greatest gift that we ever receive.  In the first part we focused on the value of finding a purpose.  In this part, we are discussing how important it is for women to realize that they have to value their lives, find their own purpose, rather than be guided by someone else.

Women struggle so much with heavy stuff, especially the need to be loved, and allow it to burden them and forget that they do have a purpose on this planet that must be accomplished. By purpose I mean your goals, dreams, hopes, career and your talents or natural gifts. They tend to forget the value of life and decide to live for another.

There is no need to give to the ‘pigs’ 75% of your life because you will never get it back. It will only be trampled on and you will have to bear the pain. Yes, you and not the other person. The only person who should determine the way your life must go is you!  So take the time to find the true purpose in your life and make sure that you pursue it.

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