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Binge eating

It can be deadly and this is what you can do

Photo of greasy food that includes an omelet.Like binge drinking (which can be deadly in many cases), binge eating is also an eating disorder (even Katherine McPhee had an eating disorder that she was able to overcome). So what is binge eating? Well, we all have those moments that we take that extra helping of a chocolate covered strawberries or pears in wine or banana flambe, but that does not count as binging (if done rarely, it may not even amount to unhealthy eating). The technical definition says that at least twice a week, you consume massive amounts of food and you do it with no control over your actions - you might even feel bad after doing it. (Related:  3 hour diet review)

The result of binge eating is disastrous: obesity and all the associated diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems.  (Related:  What to do if I am underweight)

How to treat binge eating?

Psychological treatment: Of course, if you are eating without thinking and seem to have no control over your actions, you need help from a psychologist. When you engage what I think is suicidal behavior, therapy is a must.

Medical treatment: We do have some medications available that can be prescribed by your doctor. The drugs used are Topamax and Meridia and are effective in weight loss and stopping cravings.

Plastic surgery: Once the damage has already been done, a doctor may recommend obesity surgery or weight loss surgery that includes procedures like gastric bypass surgery and liposuction to reduce the body weight. Of course, it has to be accompanied by lifestyle changes for maintaining weight loss.

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