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Hollywood celebrity body in just 6 weeks

Sounds difficult?  A new book shows you how to do it

Cover of the book "6 weekds to a Hollywood body" by Steve Zim and Mark Laska.We have already talked about fitness secrets of Hollywood celebrities and their style tips to look great, but how to get a Hollywood body, as they call it in the world of entertainment. Well, a lot of the personal trainers to the stars have been spilling the beans on how most of the stars lose weight after pregnancy, stay fit, and always look beautiful. Of course, there are exceptions. Stars do get fat, and many of them opt for weight loss surgery to get rid of that ugly fat on the tummy.  In any case, one of the books sharing these secrets is “6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body” by Steve Zim and Mark Laska. Zim, a Hollywood trainer, is also the author of Hot Point Fitness and has many celebrity clients and has trained Jessica Biel, Ashley Judd, and Layla Ali.  (Related:  How to get a celebrity body)

Zim's suggested program includes both fitness and nutrition. The first phase of 2 weeks is for initiation with a more rigorous diet and an intense fitness schedule. During the second phase, that lasts 4 weeks, the nutrition and fitness programs are tailored to your body type: whether you are an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph. 

There is something else that is intriguing about Zim's approach - “spot training” - it is not spot reduction per se, but training. What he is saying is that you can work each part of your body through exercises to create a more balanced and toned body. For example, if you want to make your upper body look more toned, you can weight train to develop the muscles in that zone.

What we like about this program? The book gives details on exercise programs for each body type and advice on an appropriate diet. The advantage of this program is that it uses affordable fitness equipment. The program suggests a diet, but it is not a rigorous diet, as say, South Beach Diet or Perricone Diet or Oprah Diet. This means you can be flexible and adjust it to your taste and lifestyle. 

What we do not like? It is a somewhat complicated book so if you are new to dieting and fitness, you may not follow the book so easily. Sometimes you just want someone to tell you what to do, the way the Weight Watchers or eDiets does. You also have to like a lot of protein in each meal

So what do we recommend? Not a lot of new things here, the way there is not a whole lot of newness in the Jerusalem Diet. It is still somewhat easy to follow and if you put just a little bit of effort, you can really get a great body, if not a Hollywood body.

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