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Internal bra

Substitute for breast lift for some women

Photo of the chest of a woman in a red checkered bra.Remember how everyone tells you to wear a bra to prevent sagging of your breasts? Well, it is important that you do that and in addition to that it is also important that you wear a sports bra when you workout.

But what if you could wear a bra inside your body? No, this is not science fiction. While the technology has been around for a while in Latin America, it is now becoming more popular and gradually migrating to other parts of the world.

What is the internal bra?

The cosmetic surgeon use a special type of mesh to support your glandular tissue so that it appears that you are wearing a bra at all times - in other words, a breast lift with very minor surgery.  The procedure is more suitable for women who want perky breasts but not necessarily larger breast size.   It is also important that the sagging be modest - for women with sagging that has been there for years, only a breast lift will work.

Does the Internal Bra work?

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Like any other medical treatment, there is no consensus. Most surgeons think that an internal bra can make the results of a breast lift even better, though it is unlikely that an internal bra alone will do the trick, especially for women that have too much excess skin.

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