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How to control my appetite?

I want to eat less than I normally do

Summary:  Below are simple suggestions for anyone trying to lose weight and becoming fitter by controlling how many calories they consume during the day.

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Ginger writes, "Do you mind giving me some tips on how to stop eating a lot. Although I am NOT overweight; just think I need to lower my appetite to lose a few pounds and keep it that way."

I like the approach of eating only at designated times and not eating at any other time. That way you just don't eat all the time.

The second trick is not to buy snacks at all. If they are not in the pantry or the fridge you won't eat them. And if you absolutely must have a snack, how about a fruit or yogurt or dry fruits or nuts?

Thirdly, pop in a sugarless chewing gum when you feel like eating something.

Finally, brush your teeth after every meal and that is a good disincentive to eat something before the next scheduled meal.

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