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Plastic surgery options for weight loss

Results are immediate and remarkable, with a few risks


Photo of a woman jumping with joy after seeing her lower weight.When you hear what might come across as outrageous claims about weight loss surgery, the reality is that they are all mostly true. Indeed, obesity surgery can reduce your weight immediately, can cure your type II diabetes practically overnight, and can also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As the obesity crisis continues to get serious worldwide, just in the the United States, as many as 10 million Americans are heavy enough to be eligible for the surgery, meaning they're usually at least 100 pounds overweight.  (Related:  Circumferential abdominoplasty)

In other words, you will end up undergoing surgery yourself or help a loved one in the process. No wonder then that Consumer Reports has produced an excellent report on the subject that examines the two major types of weight-loss surgery available - gastric bypass and adjustable gastric banding - and illustrates the pros, cons, and risks of each type. This report also discusses liposuction for targeted slimming.

So what do they find? Gastric weight-loss surgery usually works, eventually taking off at least half of most patients' extra pounds, and improving overall health, including lowering the blood pressure. But it also requires drastic, lifelong changes in eating habits. Most patients regain some weight, and although the surgery has been done for decades, doctors are just starting to track long-term outcomes systematically. For weight-loss surgery patients on the whole, the risk of dying during or shortly after the operation is low and getting lower. However, the mortality risk for patients over 65 who have gastric bypass surgery may be at least twice as high as the rate for younger patients. And now that Medicare is going to cover some of these procedures, it is much easier to make the decision.  (Related:  Gastric bypass surgery improves lifespan)

Additional tips if you are considering weight-loss surgery:

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