Bellydance to raise self esteem

Photo of belly dancers performing at an outdoor stage.
Candy is suffering from poor self esteem but has decided to work on it. Apart from working out and dieting, she has also decided to take bellydancing lessons. “These lessons are a way for me to try to get over being so self-conscious about my body, and it is a good way to exercise. I think that if I could dance and feel good about the movements that it would help raise my self-esteem. A lot of my low self-esteem stems from having a negative body image. What do you think? Have you had any of your readers raise their self esteem and confidence like this?” she asks.

Belly dancing is a great workout and also helps you feel good about your body as a woman. I also made a few excellent girlfriends after sticking to the program for a few months. In the beginning, it seemed that everyone was in a hurry, they came to dance, and rushed out the door, but many of us who stuck around for lessons for months, eventually got to know each other. In fact, we formed a small support group for ourselves.