Sun hat shaped hair accessory

I am always looking for interesting hair accessories and this one beats them all.  Is it a sun hat?  Definitely not, because it provides no protection from the sun due to its size.  I think it is s just a straw hat as a decorative accessory for hair.

Cute hairbands

As a followup to this very cute hairband on Peaches Geldof, I wanted to showcase these two great hair accessories I came across online.  The one on the left is simple but the bow adds a lot of pizazz to it, while the giant pink flower on the right is just statement-making.

Yahoo Auto girl

If you enjoyed the Yahoo tattoo girl, then I am sure you would like this model too.  With fall colors in the background, she looks really delighted to enjoy the view right out of the moon roof.  But who is she?  If you have any idea, please comment below.  And if you think, the way […]