Heidi Montag seethrough dress

Remember what you do, a white dress will always be sheer as soon as it comes in contact with water or when the sun or a bright light shines through.  That is why unless you are deliberately trying to be sexy and wear a different color underwear, the right choice of innerwear is not white, […]

Which celebrities wear thongs?

I have already documented why so many women wear thongs these days and while you maybe skeptical of getting used to thong underwear you can get used to them as many women have told me.  No surprise that percentage of women using thongs is growing.  That is why when I was reading Allure and they […]

Desigual models in New York Fashion Week

If you go to Barcelona in Spain, one of the shops that you will notice everywhere, apart from Zara and Mango, is Desigual. Their apparel is funky and primarily targeted at fashionable people, so when they wanted to create a buzz for their brand in New York during the Fashion Week, they decided to parade […]