How to improve the taste of semen?

Susan writes, “My boyfriend of 2 years (who moved in with me this year) wants oral sex all the time. I don’t mind performing it but its the swallowing of the semen that I dislike. I gag terrible and get sick. I have told him several times to not come in my mouth, when he is ready to go I can stop. I absolutely hate the taste of it but I love the man and he really enjoys this. What can I do; there must be something to make it taste better?”

First of all you have to sit down with your boyfriend and explain to him what you like and don’t. I am hoping that he will respect your preferences, and if he doesn’t, you have some thinking to do. Do you really want to be with a man who only cares about him and not about your preferences?

Now regarding ejaculating inside your mouth, he has to stop asking for it, if you don’t like it. From my research most women do not like swallowing semen, but men get the wrong idea from adult films that all women love it. He has to understand it and if he does not believe you, make him taste his own semen sometime.

Now if you search on the Internet you will see a lot of crooks selling products promising to change the taste. The reality is that there is nothing that can change the taste of semen and make it taste delicious — so please do not waste your money on buying any pills or whatever junk people might want to sell you. As you might know, semen takes several weeks to develop from the food we eat. Men who avoid strong flavors (garlic, spices, fish, etc.) will notice that their semen tastes and smells somewhat less stronger than men who eat everything, but most men are unwilling to give up their favorite foods altogether.