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Can an older woman model?

Who hires mature models?

Summary:  Read tips below for girls and women who are no longer teens to find out if they can still develop a career in the world of fashion modeling.

Image of an older mature woman posing as a model for a fashion photo shoot

Reshma writes, "I have no experience as a model, am 42 and just wanted to know if there is any scope for me in the modeling world at this age?"

As you might have noticed in ads in magazines and television, not only are there older models but also those who do not have perfect looks (I am not saying that you do not have the looks since I have not seen your photos). In many ads, companies like to show older people, for instance, moms with teenage kids or for ads for retirement/insurance/clothes/appliances, advertisers often show people with average looks. It is only for fashion for young women and for the runway that designers and advertisers need drop dead gorgeous women like Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, or Kristen Stewart.

The requirements for print and film ads are different because in the former you simply must know how to pose for photos while for the others you need to have a certain type of voice and know how to act.

My conclusion is that there is hope for you. You should first find out where you can take some modeling classes and that will give you the basics of the world of modeling. Once you have learned what is expected of all models then you can start contacting the agencies for paid work.

If you need help from me in the meantime let me know or if you need my suggestions on your looks, email me a few photos. We have some articles where we could use someone like you but we typically do not pay anything; it will give you some exposure, though, and you can develop a portfolio.


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