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The Brava system
An alternative to plastic surgery

caribbean woman, dark skin, bikini, swimsuit, modelMichelle from Avon, CT writes, "Thanks for the advice in your book but let me say that I would still like to change my breast size. I have obsessed over them for years. However, I would not like to have breast augmentation for the fear that it would be just my bad luck that they will go bad. But I have heard of an alternative I would not mind trying. It is the vacuum bra. What do you think?"  (Related article:  Plastic surgery safety)

Your question is similar to dozens of other questions we receive from women all over the world everyday who want a larger chest but without plastic surgery. Unfortunately most of the time we tell these women that a healthy, natural system for is still not available. The vacuum bra system that you are talking about is the BRAVA enhancement and shaping system (Registered trademark). This system is probably among the best systems out there because it produces results (we have pointed out in a separate article that all the pills, lotions, creams, gels, etc. simply do not work and are a total waste of time and money and might even cause side effects) .  (Related article:  Plastic surgery in luxurious, spa like setting)

What we have learnt, though, is that the results are 'noticeable' but not 'dramatic'. So after spending a few thousand dollars and being in pain wearing a clumsy device for ten weeks or so, you will see a minor improvement (probably not even a cup size).

The good news is that the growth in breast tissues is permanent and the company is backed by professional doctors and not some crook out to make a fast buck. The technology is already patented and that is a clear sign of its technology being sound and unique.  What you have to do is to figure out if you would like to have remarkable improvement with breast implants or minor improvement with BRAVA.  (Related: Increase breast size through diet and exercise)

So is BRAVA a good alternative to plastic surgery?

If you would definitely like to have bigger breasts without plastic surgery and would be happy with just a slight improvement in cup size, this system should work fine for you. But set your expectations low. You and people who can see you in a bikini or without clothes will probably see an improvement but if you think that you can be a woman with the perfect cleavage in 10 weeks, then this is not for you. That is possible only with plastic surgery.  BRAVA is also for those women who do not wish to have implants for various reasons: health, safety, cost, etc.  

You must also remember that BRAVA is not cheap and if you are open to the idea of breast augmentation using plastic surgery, you must do a more comprehensive cost-benefit analysis. Chances are you will get a higher bang for the buck with plastic surgery.  You might want to start the decision making process by speaking to a plastic surgeon in your area.

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Update:  A later study has shown that Brava system is more effective than initially thought for permanent breast size increase.

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