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Breastfeeding is good for both mother and child
And you can prevent sagging also


Photo of a mom nursing her babyAnnie from Tempe, Arizona, asks us, "I am trying to decide whether or not I should breastfeed (Induced lactation). I am 8 weeks pregnant right now, but I'm not sure if I want to risk the way I look. I'm 32 years old and I have very firm breasts and would like to stay that way. Does breastfeeding really make breasts sag that much?  Please help.  I am having difficulty deciding what to do."

Your concern is very justified and a lot of pregnant women struggle with this issue though they do change their opinion once the baby is born. We are big supporters of breastfeeding because of all the medical benefits to the baby and the mother (Geri Halliwell attributes her weight loss after pregnancy to it).  As your doctor also might have told you, your milk has several advantage for your child so it is important that you do so as well. And if enough care is taken, you can actually prevent most of the sagging. (Related article:  Beauty treatments for pregnant women)

Only those women who are careless and do not plan ahead (as you are doing while still pregnant) will realize that they have sagged affecting how they look, how their partner feels about them, and how their self-esteem vanishes.  But if you have seen women who even in their 50s have perky shapes, there is a reason for it.  (Related:  How to raise twins?)

So let us see why sagging occurs and what can you do:

  • Since the breasts become larger and heavier during pregnancy and while you lactate, the effect of gravity is now stronger.  The solution is to change your bra as soon as the size changes. It is important to have right fit bras so that you always have the support you need.

  • As they enlarge and then shrink, the skin does not always return to its original shape. This can be taken care of by using regular chest massage using high quality essential oils.   

  • Not maintaining a proper diet/nutrition/exercise routine that can lead to non-uniform increase/decrease in weight. Yes, you will put on some weight but you must follow a structured nutrition routine and religiously do the exercises. Once the baby is born you will need to lose the excess weight as soon as feasible and apply body firming lotions.  There is no excuse (as many women keep coming up with) not to exercise and get back in shape.   

Conclusion: It is not the breastfeeding as such but carelessness that leads to sagging.

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