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Fashion and style tips for the gym
What apparel to wear while working out

Tina, a lady in her early 50s writes to us from England, "I really liked your book for small women and it has helped me develop a totally new personality. I am so much happier now and love to do things that I did not in the past. But what should I do when I have to absolutely undress completely in front of others, for instance, at the gym or in the sauna."

Your situation is similar to other women that we interviewed who had to go to spas and join others with practically nothing to cover. Here are some of the tips that we heard from such women and our team felt that you could try to use them as well:

  • In a gym, you must use a sports bra, the one that also gives you a lift. On top of the bra you must always put on a light, Image of a woman dressed in her exercise apparel as she poses with a volleyball in the gym.cotton, loose T-shirt or a tank top. That way you do not invite attention to yourself. We doubt if anyone would even bother to comment but if someone does ask you if you are too hot, you can simply find an excuse, "Oh I like it this way!"  (Related:  How to buy a bathing suit?)

  • We are assuming that you are also referring to the problems you face in the locker room when either you have to change in front of other ladies or shower without any privacy. As you can very well imagine, there is nothing much you can do when you are without clothes but you can make both the shower and the changing brief, thus minimizing any opportunity for people to stare at you. It is perfectly fine to use a towel for as long as you can and discreetly leave. Though we want to emphasize that you are probably worrying more than you should. If you ask all the other women around you whom you think as 'perfect', they probably are equally concerned about other things: stretch marks, fat on the waist, cellulite, skin problems, etc.  (Related:  How to buy swimwear)

  • If you go to a swimming pool in the gym or in a hot tub, you can wear a one-piece swimsuit (one with pushup feature). A one piece suit does not draw too much attention to a specific part of the body.

  • A point not to be missed is that you should feel good about your body and the way you are. We suggest in our book that it is actually better to draw attention to yourself so that you can project an image that you are a self-confident woman who is proud of who she is: most smart men love such a woman.

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