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How can I always be the only woman my man thinks of?

Pick your man carefully

Summary:  If you want a man to love you alone, then you need to make sure that you are with the right man.
Leanne writes, "I am 21 and still in university. So my boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year, but were best friends before we became lovers. When we started going out there was this girl who had a boyfriend, who then dropped her. My boyfriend immediately started to hang out with her and her friends (including someone he used to like). At first I just shrugged it off because I don't want to keep him back from friends, but it got to the point  where he was always with them. If I needed to find him, I just needed to look for them. I told him about it and just a tad bit was done. Nowadays he has all these secret jokes with them and it's like he confides in them more than me. I don't feel the best friend bond that we used to have, nor do I feel the girlfriend bond. He has told me that nothing is going on, but it's gotten to the point where the only time I feel special, is when we're alone and nobody is
distracting him. Am I still a priority?"

A lot of men do not like serious relationships when they are in college. To them college is about having a good time, hanging out with friends, and having casual sex. This boy-friend of yours appears to be in that phase. I think you are more inclined to have a serious relationship but he sees you as a special friend rather than a girlfriend. There is also a possibility that he sees this other girl as a better person than you.

It is also clear that he likes the group of friends that he has more than you. Maybe he doesn't think that you are as much fun to be around. It may be only a matter of time that he realizes (and says so) that things are not working out between the two of you.

So you can either end the relationship cordially and still be friends with him. Or, see how things evolve over time. If you would like my personal advice, I like the option one better because that way you can still not have a heartbreak, maintain your friendship with him, and then be free to find another relationship on your own timeline. You are still a young girl and have plenty of time and opportunities to find that strong bond with someone.
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