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How to become a flexitarian?

Previously I talked about how to give up meat just once a week to make a positive impact on the environment (yes there are 10 pounds burgers being sold in restaurants).  I have friends for whom it is inconceivable that there can be a meal without meat or that human beings can live without consuming […]

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Does the mega store saves money?

I have been a member of Costco or BJs for years, but I always have wondered Does it save money? For me it does not save me money any more, because in the last three years I have switched to most things organic and environmentally friendly and those shops have few alternative for these products, […]

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Blueberry picking in a local farm

Sunday I went blueberry picking with my friend Sandy.  I learned from her to pick a lot of blueberries to freeze and then use them in winter.  I have been doing this for 3 years now.  It is great to have blueberries in the middle of the cold winter.  They are locally grown and organic. […]