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Shopping for discount home office furniture
Ikea is an excellent choice

If you are like millions of other people in the digital economy, you probably work from home full-time or at least once a week.  I first started my home office in 1999 when my firm allowed me to work from home one day a week (I chose Wednesday so that I would work two days and then working from home would give me a break from commuting and then work two more days before the weekend). This happened until 2003 when I started to work from home full time and life has been great since then.

How to shop for discount office furniture?

Whether you are a small business or work from home, you need to have the right furniture in your office to be able to work effectively and without hurting your health.  In fact, when I first started to work, a representative from the human resources department actually paid a visit to my home office to make sure that I had everything that I needed in a proper office, including comfortable furniture.  (Related:  How to decorate a guestroom?)

So where did I buy discount furniture?

Ikea, of course.  If you have never heard of Ikea before or have heard of them but have not visited one yet, it is because Ikea is not like WalMart.  It is not present everywhere.  I go to Ikea only a couple of times a year and that is because the nearest Ikea is about a 100 miles from my home but when I do go there I am able to buy enough to pay for all the trouble of driving, along with gas and tolls, and still have some savings.

How to shop for discount office furniture at Ikea?Photo of inexpensive furniture in an office

  • If you don't like to assemble the furniture yourself, Ikea is not for you.  But trust me, If you can look at pictures (the instructions are through sketches only, no text explanation is given since none is needed), tighten a few screws and bolts, and use the hammer a little bit, you can do it.

  • It is best to bring the right vehicle to the store since you will need to load everything yourself and bring it home.

  • Before you leave for the store, get measurements of the area where you will put the furniture.

  • As you walk through the showroom, take notes (particularly note down names and item numbers carefully) since you will use this information to pick up the furniture items from the shelves in the warehouse.

  • Finally, just open the boxes at home/office, make an inventory of what you find in the box, arrange everything neatly, and then just follow the instructions religiously.  

  • Sometimes things don't fit 100% but be creative.  A little use of the hammer does the trick.  After all, the prices are incredibly attractive for Ikea furniture.

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