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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Third Vioxx trial postponed for next year


CNN is reporting that the third Vioxx trial in the lawsuit filed by the family members of Anna Guerra. The plaintiffs are represented by Mark Lanier - the same attorney who represented Carol Ernst. She won a little over billion dollars in damages from Merck for causing the premature death of her husband Robert Ernst.

Anna Guerra died after taking Vioxx when she was not even 40. Mark Lanier, who impressed everyone with his excellent litigation skills, claims that Merck will have to pay even more in damages to the family of Guerra than the company paid to Ms. Ernst. He is quoted as telling CNN that, "I want Merck to see that Ernst was a conservative verdict. I'm going to spank them hard."

The trial in the Humeston case is still ongoing and most analysts expect Merck to lose. The Federal trial is scheduled to start after Thanksgiving in Houston.

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