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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hope fading for short-term users of Vioxx


One of the major reasons cited for the Merck's victory in the second Vioxx lawsuit trial was that Frederick "Mike" Humeston took the drug for just two months. While many experts believe that even occasional or rare use of Vioxx is enough to trigger a heart attack, at least in the Atlantic City trial, the jury was not convinced.

Now the WSJ is reporting that Judge Carol Higbee, who will preside over 3,500 Vioxx product liability lawsuits, is suggesting that at least next ten or so trials in her court should only be of those victims who have taken the drug for at least 18 months. Studies by Merck have shown that the chances of a heart attack are much higher after 18 months of continuous Vioxx use.

Merck is getting ready to face the first federal Vioxx trial later this month.

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