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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Merck research disputed again as it goes to trial


Merck is back to fighting its war with three more Vioxx victims: Gary Smith, a 56-year old from Florence in Kentucky and two other victims from California, Rudolph Arrigale and Lawrence Appell, who are scheduled to start their consolidated trial (a setback to the company which is strongly opposed to consolidating cases) within weeks.

As has Merck done in every single time in the past, it is accusing the victims for their heart attacks, but looks as if science is going to help them. In two studies being published, Vioxx has been found to be the most dangerous Cox-2 drug. Apart from causing cardiovascular problems in patients, these studies find that Vioxx also causes kidney and heart arrhythmia problems and it does it pretty quickly.

It has also been found in another study that if Merck had done some data analysis earlier, the dangers of Vioxx would have been known earlier and thousands of lives saved.