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Friday, December 15, 2006

Gary Albright loses Vioxx case to Merck


Gary Albright, a 57-year old man from Chelsea, Alabama, has met the same fate as Anthony Dedrick yesterday and 7 other plaintiffs: they failed to get a single dime from Merck for their heart attacks and strokes caused by Vioxx because they were in poor health. Like others, Mr. Albright, an obese man, suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Considering that two out of three Americans are either obese or overweight and suffer from conditions like this, things are clearly looking bright for the company that recalled the deadly drug in 2004 that has killed as many as 60,000 Americans, according to estimates developed by an FDA expert.

According to latest statistics, the company has as many as 27,000 lawsuits pending and another 14,000 victims have entered agreements with the company suspending the time limit. Then there are 265 class action lawsuits. There are also lawsuits pending overseas.

Right now there is an ongoing case of Kent Jarrell while six more cases will be tried during the next six months. If Merck continues its winning spree, it may decide to settle next year but the victims are likely to get a much smaller payment.