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Tips and advice on choosing a bra for different situations
When, where, how to wear or not wear a bra......
By Pierre Coda

We have been discussing how to choose the right bra for each situation.  We have already discussed when and where to wear or not wear a bra and how to deal with a few embarrassing situation.

Lisa:  I am still at a loss to understand why men apparently like to see us.  Is it because they think that we are wilder women?  I have also wondered what other girls think of us in that situation? 

MYNIPPON:  We are highly voyeuristic in America.  Don't you know why we stop and take a look at every accident on the highway and watch so much of reality TV?  We like to know what others are thinking, and thus we pay so much attention to women.  And some naive men might even think that if a woman talking to them has them it is because of how attractive they are.  Now with women, things are simpler. Several women have told us that they have the same problem and thus tend to be more understanding of the problem. Though some conservative women say that it is clearly indecent and it is because the bras these days are not designed to do their job - they are simply cute clothing and do a terrible job of keeping the bust hidden from others in public places.  (Related article:  Role of lingerie for a couple)

Photo of a white bra with flowersMika:  So if an average woman walks in the mall dressed normally but then you realize that hers are erect.  How did this happen in just a minute?  Should she be embarrassed?  Dose she even know it?

MYNIPPON:  Regarding your question about an average woman - well, the fact of the matter is that you see this so often that most of us do not pay enough attention any more - remember the days when women would even try to hide the fact that they had a bra on. Then things changed and it became commonplace to 'show' your bra (let the straps peek through tank tops or spaghetti strap dresses, or wear a dark colored bra under a light colored top, or as is common in Latin America - wear a see through blouse, etc.). In recent years, it is no longer a big deal to even give a peek at your thong either (the tops are rather short these days and the pants are rather low so when someone bends or is just careless, everyone gets a peek at the underwear). In fact showing the bra straps (or even the top of your panties through those hip hugging low-rise pants) is almost a fashion statement these days and other than arousing a bit of curiosity we are all used to knowing exactly what underwear someone is wearing.  However, remember that showing bra strap or top of the panties does signal lack of attention to detail when dressing (this can make some people think of you as shoddy) or encourage others to think of you as 'bold'.    (Related:  Passion bra and thong)

Going back to your question, women have told us that unless they are in front of a mirror, they can miss their own show. No wonderBras with flower print they cannot do anything about it and by the time it is known to them (for example because they realize everyone is looking), it may be too late. Do they get embarrassed? Most of them say 'yes' and it even determines what they will wear where and when and what bra will go with what blouse and if they will go braless. Very few women have told us that they do not care about it since it is rather embarrassing in most cases.  (Recommended link:  How to be desirable?)

KathyrneI do not necessarily have a question but want to share my experiences.  I have completely stopped wearing bras.  I work with 95 men and four women in a government office in Virginia.  I think everyone knows I don't wear a bra.  I think it may have been a little shocking at first, but now it is the norm.  My boss frequently tells me how nice I look.  I was really afraid when I first started, but it seems to be just an everyday thing now.  I wear the same things I wore before I stopped wearing the bra.  Rarely do I wear a camisole.  Sure, maybe I do push it sometimes just to see how far I can go, but no one has ever said anything derogatory to me about it.  I think a lot of women worry too much.  They need to just try it and see what happens.  Don't be afraid or ashamed.  Be proud of yourself and let others admire you.  They will love it.

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