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Growth of chest for teenagers
Nutritious diets, supplements, and exercise are key.......
By Pierre Coda

Yes, we do get a lot more emails from teenagers than grown up women but that is understandable.  However, one important fact that all teenagers have to understand is that they grow at different rates but around 19 or 20 their chest is fully developed.  (Related link:  Frequently asked questions about breasts)  It is at that point you need to decide, what next?  We have clearly pointed out on our website in a series of articles that there is really nothing that you can do to increase your breast size.  No food, no exercise, no herbal supplement makes a difference.  So till then there is really nothing to worry.  At around 20 years, you only have two choices: (1) breast implants (2) live happily ever after as a "Flat, but Proud Woman."  (Related:  Teenagers with big breasts)

So what should you do in the meantime:

  • Eat nutritious meals (rich in protein)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stay happy and cheerful
  • Sleep well
  • Don't give a damn to those boys who only like girls with big chest (they will probably grow up, as over 70% of men do, and start seeing a woman as a human being like them)

Picture of a pretty Brazilian teenager dressed in trendy clothes showing how slim she is.  She is wearing a bra top and low ride jeans.But what about this ridicule from friends?  I understand how hurt I would get when I was 15 years old.  Now I don't give a damn.  But what I have learned over the years is that at that age someone will always make fun of something about you.  In fact I recall that there were guys and girls in my class who would make fun of girls all the time.  Of course they will also make fun of tall/short, fat/slim, bright/mediocre, black/white/Asian/Latino; you name it they would always find something.

If nothing, then they would make fun of your hairstyle or your shoes or jeans or your notebooks.  So what you gotta do?  Just ignore them.  You are only a teenager and making fun of each other is part of growing up.  Later on you will look back at teenage years and think of all the laughs you had at each other's expense.  (Related link:  Cute or attractive

The painful emails that we get from teenagers are a reminder to all the parents and school counselors that it is something that they should discuss with teenage girls.  There is simply no reason for low self-esteem among girls because of size which has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, abilities, talent, and capacity to perform all tasks expected of women.  So in answer to one of the writers, "It is no big deal if someone else's chest is bigger than yours!  Excel at whatever you want and life will be great - big or small!"

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