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Breast reduction surgery


Rashida from Mumbai, India, writes, "I am 21 years old and have very large breasts. I am a 36G and hate my breasts as it causes a lot of unwanted attention and remarks from everyone including women. I have tried to reduce them by watching what I eat, exercising 5 times a week but have had no joy and have been the same size since. Can you help me because it is really depressing me?"

Your pain is understandable. Unusually large breasts can not only be a discomfort and cause health problems, they also invite unnecessary attention wherever you go. Based on what you have described it seems that your only choice is breast reduction surgery with a good plastic surgeon. It is a good idea to do it because as you get older you might also experience severe back pain. In the United States, reduction surgery is fairly common and you can get it done for less than $10,000. Unfortunately we do not have a good estimate of the costs in India but our expectation is that it will be considerably less.

In the meantime, follow the regimen that you are following. You can also try to dress so that you can hide your breasts.

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