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Growing breasts after 21


Photo of a woman's chest in white lace braFor almost all women, their breasts are fully developed by the time they are 21 or so, and that is why Marianne is troubled. "Is there any exercise that I can do or any dietary changes that will help me get bigger breasts?" she asks.

As you might have already read on our website, apart from breast implants (and to a small extent, Brava), there is currently no solution to flat breasts. Of course, good diet and exercise are important and will give you a firm and fit body, but there is no guarantee that your breasts will grow if you try to put on some weight. If you are very slim and gain a few pounds, your breasts will probably become fuller, but again there is no guarantee that if you eat more, the fat will go to the breasts. It might as well end up on your tummy or thighs - not something many women like.

I would say that you should think positively about your body, keep a cheerful attitude, dress fashionable and stylish, and just take your life easy. Breast size is only one of the many things that make you a person.

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