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How to improve chances of pregnancy?


Photo of a woman's tummy during pregnancyBelieve it or not but even a woman at the prime or her reproductive years (late teens and early 20s) does not have a 100% possibility of getting pregnant. The probability keeps dropping and it is nearly impossible to get pregnant in your 40s. Women like Michelle Duggar are rare and it is also believed that Nancy Grace did not get pregnant naturally.

While the egg quality drops with age, many women of advanced maternal age also find that they cannot accurately measure their ovulation - a key to getting pregnant. Measuring basal temperature or doing an ovulation test helps but they are not 100% reliable.

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Scientists have now been able to confirm that women subconsciously notice they are ovulating and change their behavior as well. For example, women will dress more provocatively during this period. So as a man you will notice that change in your spouse right away but as a woman if you feel yourself reaching out to a pair of thongs or lace boy shorts or going braless, you know it is time to invite your man to the bedroom.

Other changes that anyone can notice during ovulation are changes in facial feature, sense of smell, and waist to hip ratio.

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