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Re: breast


Sandy writes, "I have read all your articles about small breasts but still I could'nt
find what I was looking for..I am nearly 18 and I have no breasts I
have been to get them checked out by my doctor and they said by 18 this
is how they will be it basically looks like I have no breasts this
really upsets me and plus I am quite a tall and meaty girl with a flat
chest.  Is there nothing at all that I can do? please help."
Hey Sandy

Thanks for writing.  If you are nearly 18 and have no breast tissue, then that is basically it.  You are more or less fully developed and your doctor is right.  The only solution for you is to have breast implants.

I know how it feels; I get emails like this almost daily but sadly the only reliable way to get breasts is through implants; everything else is just fraud.  I am not a big fan of padded bras but that is what some girls choose to do.  Other girls report a slight increase if they start birth control pills.


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