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what to do about droopy breasts?


Nadine writes, "I'm not fat, but I don't like my breasts. My husband doesn't complain, and he is happy what I have, but they are sagging. I don't like to have plastic surgery. How can I make them smaller. I come from a family of small breasts. I don't know why mine is different. I like small breasts. Please tell me how can I make my breast small without surgery. Is there any pill that can take?"

I wish I could tell you about a magic pill that would do what you want.  Sagging is very common after a certain age, and particularly after pregnancy and childbirth.  While getting to a weight that suits your height is helpful as is diet, exercise, and massage, there is nothing much that a woman can do.  No pills, no lotions, no patches.  And something that does work is a breast lift, which I know you can't have.  In other words, if your husband is fine with it, just relax and enjoy your life.


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