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Celine Dion pregnancy from frozen embryo


As women delay marriage and pregnancy, they are finding out that their fertility goes down rapidly in late 30s and then in their 40s it is nearly impossible to deliver a healthy child naturally. At that point, a woman has to explore options like IUI, IVF, donor eggs or surrogate mother (as Ricky Martin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Clay Aiken and Marisssa Jaret Winokur did).

CĂ©line Dion exercised another great option: freezing your eggs, or if you are already in a relationship and know who will be the father, frozen embryos. That way both the egg and the sperm comes from young, healthy parents and can be implanted into a woman's uterus well into her late 40s (though I often doubt the wisdom having children so late into one's life).

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My wife wants to have a child before she gets too old


Mark, a man in his 20s is in a serious relationship to a 46-year old woman. He writes, "I know it's difficult for a woman in her 40's to have kids and believe me I don't even know if I want any. I guess that she's worried that I might want to be a father some day and that I might leave her for a more younger fertile woman. I keep reassuring her that that's never going to happen but she tells me that she wants to have a baby with me more then anything (some day) and she's worried that soon she won't be able to. The donor egg option is definitely worth considering. I know the relationship is still new (we have been dating only a few months) and to be honest I don't know if I want to be a father. That's something I'm still mulling over but I do plan to ask her to marry me within the next couple of months. I already told her 19-year old daughter and she was surprised and happy. She still tells me that she won't refer to me as dad."

It is a common concern among most older women even when they are married to a man their age and they have reasons to fear it -- so many men do leave them for younger women. The concern is amplified when they are married to a much younger man.

The way the donor eggs work is that you will have to find a younger woman who is willing to donate her eggs. Yes, the child will not be genetically your wife's but she will carry the baby like any other woman and be able to breastfeed her like any regular mom. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea, though (you may not always know the genetic history of the donor and if you decide it to keep it a secret, the nosy people will comment that the child has no resemblance to the mother) and finding a donor plus having the medical procedures done can cost as much $30,000 in the US.

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Redness after needling treatment


Robin writes, "I had needling done 2 months to my acne scars and the spots are still really red. I have to wear heavy makeup to cover it. Is that normal?"

I hope you realize that without looking, there is not much I can say, and I strongly encourage you to speak to the place where you went for the treatment and/or a skin doctor.

To me two months seems like a long time for the redness to stay.

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How to fight jealousy?


Lisa asks, "What is your game plan to fight jealousy? How to have guts to face something that makes me jealous?"

As you probably figured out, jealousy is a very destructive emotion and it hurts us more than the person that we are jealous of. In other words, a lot of pain and suffering. For what? Our own destruction?

The best way to fight it is to realize that jealousy hurts us and no one else. And would you do something just to hurt yourself? No.

If you tell me more about your situation I can give more direct advice on how to deal with it.

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