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Cote De Pablo loves her small breasts


At one time Shakira tried to get breast augmentation but now she has accepted that her breasts will be small forever. Ellen Pompeo loves her big chest.

I am wondering if Nicole Richie has gotten those new silicone implants. But one person who is not going to get any implants is Cote De Pablo. "I have small breasts and I love them," she tells Maria Neuman of OK!

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Shakira the Latin queen


When I saw Shakira last night performing La Tortura, wow, she knows how to move her small breasts. But let's not forget that she is a very talented singer and artist and no wonder she won four awards at the Latin Grammy in New York.

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iTunes en espanol


That's right; after its success in English, the popularity of iPod, and completely redefining how we listen to music, Apple is now launching a Spanish version of iTunes.

Hey even I might log on since I do love the Gipsy Kings and Shakira.

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