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How to fight cellulite?


Photo of a fit woman working out on the vybeCottage cheese thighs. Orange peel syndrome. The mattress phenomenon. Hail damage. By whatever name, cellulite is a frustrating problem for millions of women. It’s especially discouraging because so many highly touted cellulite cures simply don’t work – or only treat part of the problem.

Cellulite Solution (TM), a new treatment program being offered by MedSurge Advances, takes a holistic approach to improve the appearance of cellulite. Apart from MesoMassage, they are offering VYBE, which utilizes controlled vertical vibrations to stimulate reflexive muscle contractions, building muscle mass with limited physical exertion. Since lack of muscle tone contributes to the appearance of cellulite, the Vybe This method of training, increasingly popular among professional athletes in the United States and Europe, enhances the body’s muscle tone to improve the skin’s appearance.

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How to cover acne scars with makeup?


Acne is something that seems to bother almost all women (and some women) and adult acne can lower your self esteem and make you fell unattractive. Unfortunately, despite aggressive marketing by skincare companies, we do not have a cure for acne, though prescription drug Accutane works very well, except that a woman taking Accutane simply cannot get pregnant. The complications with Accutane for women who got pregnant are so serious that there have been deaths and lawsuits.

Therefore, the best way to deal with acne is to mask it, while following a healthy skin regimen. Watch this short video to learn how you can cover your acne with makeup.

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Should you change your skin color?


Photo of Anthelios SX sunscreen tubeMartin is a dark skinned man who is not so happy with his skin color. "My skin color does not make me look handsome no matter what clothes I wear. I don't know how to deal with this. Can you help me with this please?" he asks.

Your skin color is a gift of Nature and the best thing to do is to love it, appreciate it, and then make choices of colors for clothes and personal care products accordingly. I would personally not suggest that you consider bleaching or skin whitening since it has side effects and makes only slight improvement in skin color. It is impossible to change skin color and we know from Michael Jackson what happens when you try to change it too much. If your skin is damaged from sun exposure, there are treatment options.

What I would suggest, though, is to protect your skin from the sun, not to spend a lot of time directly under sunlight, and always wear a sunscreen when going outside - Sonya Dakar 365 and Anthelios SX are probably the best.

You must also try to build your self esteem. It seems that you may be looking down upon you; you are what you are and you have to love yourself. People with dark skin are as handsome as people with any other skin color.

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