Is penis size important?

Picture of book Is Size Important by Donald Templar
Donald Templer is a psychologist and author of the book “Is Size Important?” He has done a remarkable job of pointing out all kinds of complexes that men have about penis size so much so that British men put this as their number one preference for cosmetic surgery. According to him, however, he does not recommend penile augmentation surgery (or injection of fat from a dead body; creepy!). That is exactly the position of highly respected Mayo Clinic which warns men not to be lured to Thailand with the promise of a bigger shaft.

The research in the book says that contrary to many men’s beliefs, an average men’s organ is just about five and a half inches long and there are only minor differences between most men regardless of race or height or shoe size. And that is what most women are happy with (when women choose their lifelong partner, they pay much more attention to your potential as a breadwinner, romantic lover, and father to her children), though there are always exceptions. As I have said repeatedly, men should not waste a penny or any pills or pumps — they simply don’t work.

So what is the best way to make your tool look longer?

Just get a pubic hair trimmer, or even better, go completely bare.