My breast moves

Nora writes, “I have touched my chest already and it does not feel that I have a tumor. But what makes me worried is that my left breast always changes its position. Do you understand what I mean? Obviously it makes me feel difficult to wear a bra. Do you have any suggestion to prevent this from happening? I wonder that why my breasts sagged so early? I wear a bra all the time. I am still very young; just 20. I wonder about this a lot and it is bothering me. Please help.”

Is it possible for you to find out if your two breasts have very different sizes? Both breasts are slightly different but it would be nice to know if the difference is very big. You can see it if you stand in front of a mirror wearing a bra. For instance the larger breast will spill out of the bra cup. What I want to make sure is that you are not suffering from what is known as asymmetrical breasts.

The other possibility that I am thinking about is that you are not wearing the correct bra for you. It is either too big or too small. Read here how to find your correct bra size.