What will my breast size be when I grow up?

I am young (12 years old). I already have big breasts! Not huge but kinda big for my age. I think, well, I’m 5’4″ and happy with it! I read this article saying bigger breasts on young girls will end up being small or will stop growing rather soon. I hate my breasts sometimes because I don’t fit in within my age groups. And well, my sister 2 years older than me has the same size or maybe even smaller!! And I’m really worried now and mad! So my question is will I stop growing? Is this true that bigger breasts on young people stop growing. I know I am young and shouldn’t care but I do, so please give me your honest answer!”

At your age it is somewhat difficult to say how you will eventually turn out to be. The body is growing at a very rapid pace but it is fair to conclude that you will have sizable breasts. You will definitely start to see how you will eventually turn out around 15-16; till then, just relax, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and don’t worry so much about looks.