Should I watch reality plastic surgery programs?

While I like to say that we should all age gracefully like French women, many people seek the help of a cosmetic surgeon.  As you get older, I guess, is is fine to undergo procedures like breast lift or Botox or chemical peels but I am not a big fan of tummy tuck or liposuction because it is much better to lose weight through diet and exercise.

That brings me to the developing childhood obesity epidemic and the desire of teenagers to fix their bodies through plastic surgery.  And in a Facebook obsessed society where everybody thinks of themselves as micro-celebrities, looks are apparently more important than accomplishments.

Professor Charlotte Markey has concluded that young women and men who watched plastic surgery reality television programs like ‘Dr. 90210‘ or ‘The Swan‘ or ‘I Want a Famous Face‘ are more likely to poor body image and seek plastic surgery.  However, there is no evidence that plastic surgery raises self esteem for everyone, particularly if the self esteem issues are a result of something else.

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