Bra options for flat chested girls

flower printed brassiereCarol writes, “I did get my bra size professionally measured a year or so ago. The lady looked at me with pity, and told me my best bet would be the training bra section at Wal-Mart. If I get a 34A that is a padded pushup bra, it will almost fit me (still a little gap at the top), but if it just has a formed cup shape, without the pushup chunk of padding at the bottom, I just kinda wiggle inside it. I can’t afford $50+ for a bra, which are pretty much the only ones I’ve been able to find in a 34AA that aren’t training bras, so I’m stuck wearing ones that are too big. At least I don’t have anything that needs support. And they won’t sag when I get older, because there’s nothing *TO* sag. :) When I got the bust measurement, I didn’t pull the measuring tape tight (like flattening anything), I just placed it around my back and nipples and made it snug (not loose, but not compressing anything). Should I have made the measurement tighter? If I want to look like I have *ANY* sort of cleavage, I have to place my hands on the outside of each nipple, lean forward, and squeeze together as hard as I can. I can fit into a kid’s size medium (10-12) t-shirt. Granted, I have to cut off the neckband and sleeves to make it comfortable there, but it fits around my ribcage and breasts with no problem.”

Your situation is very unique and while there are few options for you, one of them is to use a slip rather than a bra (many flat chested girls do it) and thus go braless most of the time. What you need is coverage rather than support, as you said.

Regarding the measurement approach, no, I don’t think you need to press too hard. The goal is to get precise measurement rather than distorting it by tightening the grip.