Brava combined with fat transfer

I have previously discussed the benefits of Brava system for breast enhancement that allows a woman to have up to one cup size larger breasts without going under the knife.  Now these women have yet another non-surgical choice for breast enlargement.  Florida Plastic surgeon Dr. Roger K. Khouri has concluded that injecting a woman’s fat (obtained from a liposuction procedure in another part of the body like tummy or thighs) into her breasts can further enhance the cup size without inserting implants.  Obviously, due to the need for lipoplasty, this procedure is not completely noninvasive and is not for someone who is afraid of surgical procedures or cannot have them due to medical reasons or simply does not have excess fat anywhere (remember that you need your own fat rather than that from a donor).

It is important to mention that Dr. Khouri invented Brava and he recommends that after autologous (patient’s own) fat transplantation, a girl has to wear the Brava device for another week to ten days.  Based on the data from his patients he found that combining Brava with fat transfer provides an extra 100 cc of volume.  There were no significant negative side effects and it might very well be that this approach might soon become the standard for this technique.  Dr. Khouri says that many women can expect to double their original breast size in a single, outpatient procedure with no incision using this approach.