Can I have big breasts after losing weight?

Megan writes, “My breasts are small as it is, but the rest of me isn’t. I’m currently losing weight. How can I prevent losing tissue from my already small breasts? I just do not want to end up with no breasts at all.”

This is a common question (How to keep my big breasts after weight loss?) that I get. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do, because selective weight loss is not possible. I mean we all would love to lose weight just in the tummy region but not in the face (where wrinkles appear after weight loss) but the body does not do that. As we lower calorie consumption, fat loss happens everywhere, including the breasts, which are essentially all fat tissue.

I am glad that you are trying to become more fit and that is what you should focus on. Hopefully, your body will look more proportionate after the weight loss.