Lisa Rinna Juvederm

Pic of Lisa Rina face and lips
I had not known Lisa Rinna much until she appeared on “Dancing With The Stars.” She was good at dancing and I liked her positive attitude, but what did not miss my attention was her youthful face and beautiful, big, luscious lips that reminded me of Angelina Jolie’s lips. From what we know Angie’s lips are natural but very different from another woman who has beautiful lips — Diane Sawyer.

Well, the speculation is over and we now from In Touch magazine that Lisa Rinna used the dermal filler called Juvéderm on her face after she had already used Botox, and though, she did not admit it directly, I am assuming that she has a filler injected into her lips as well (which she admitted to and had to have lip correction surgery).

She is using the usual talking points in Hollywood about looking good and younger in order to keep working. She has since realized that she overdid it, and says, “You have to be careful. I’m a perfect example of that!”

Since these are not permanent fillers and need to be injected every few months, she will simply not go and have them again, she says. Maybe she can simply use lip plumping makeup instead.