How to fight hidden fees?

A few years ago I bought a laptop computer from Best Buy. I was a little bit tight with money at the time so when the store’s salesman offered one of those “no-payment for 12 months” deal, I signed up right away. I have excellent credit and am financially stable, but at that time most of money was tied up in investments. I sounded like an easy way to buy the notebook and then simply repay the loan 12 months later.

Well, as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The crooks at Best Buy are worse than loan sharks. In the fine print there is just so much that you don’t read. It turns out that they kept sending me a monthly statement with exotic charges that amounted to something like $25. I assumed that when I repay the loan amount these small amounts will be deducted. Hell, no. It was simply the company’s strategy to charge you interest by calling it something else.

So how can you fight the fine print?

Read it. If you don’t understand something, don’t just pay it like I did; ask questions and fight if you have to. If the company refuses to cooperate, take your business elsewhere.