Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Vioxx recall critic being harassed by FDA


The New York Times is reporting that Dr. David Graham, who exposed the mishandling of Vioxx recall by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is likely to be fired. He has sought protection as whistleblower. Jeanne Lenzer, writing in the British Medical Journal, says that Dr. Graham has referred all inquiries to Mr. Tom Devine, legal director of the Government Accountability Project - a public interest group that helps whistleblowers in order to promote governmental and corporate accountability. (Related article: Vioxx recall hearings by the Senate produce no surprises except for statements by Dr. Graham)

The FDA has been essentially saying that Dr. Graham did not follow the established procedures in publishing his findings that contradict the position of FDA. (Related article: FDA defends its role in Vioxx recall mess)

At the same time, other anonymous calls have been made to the Government Accountability Project officials with all sorts of conflicting statements about Dr. Graham. Mr. Devine is still in the process of sorting out which calls are credible and which of the other callers need whistleblower protection.

It is becoming pretty obvious that Vioxx recall has caused a lot of turmoil at the FDA and some heads at the agency will roll in the coming weeks.