Merck called marketing as science

You know I started to think that now that the victims agreed to a settlement with Merck and Vioxx settlement payments have started arriving, I wouldn’t have to remind anyone that Merck was responsible for the death of 60,000 Americans and it got away with a small penalty.

That’s not the case. Merck is nothing a bunch of crooks running a so-called scam operations by calling their pills as drugs. In the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, it has been revealed that the Advantage trial was not to test the side effects of Vioxx but was instead market research to promote the use of the painkiller. These people make Victoria Knight-McDowell look like an angel — Airborne didn’t work but it didn’t kill nobody.

So what does it mean?

Well, if you have already accepted the settlement, you can only bitch about Merck & Company (MRK). But you can do other things, like, always asking your pharmacist about the manufacturer of a drug so that you can ask for a replacement since Merck drugs can no longer be trusted. Also, if you are in situation where you have to hire a Merck employee, you should stop yourself from doing so. You are likely to have someone with no ethics at all.