How to protect myself from Muslim colleagues?

Due to unprecedented migration of Muslims to America, chances are you will be working with folks who follow Islam.  It is important to remember that most gun crimes happen at places familiar to gunmen.  So, Syed Rizwan Farook, the Pakistani terrorist in San Bernardino, went and killed his colleagues (and that included those who were sweet enough to even organize a baby shower for him).  He had other plans but he and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik were desperate to kill innocent Americans, that they went on a rampage at a place that he was familiar with.  He knew the layout of the building, he knew how to get there and escape, and he probably had grudges against his coworkers.  So if your office does not allow you to carry your own weapons to protect yourself, it makes perfect sense to wear a bullet-proof vest.  Or at least bring one with you so that you can wear it as soon as the shooting starts.  Another option is to have a bulletproof backpack that you can use as a shield during a shootout.

All politicians suport unlimited immigration

Except for Donald Trump, even though they may try to mask their true intentions, nearly all Republicans and Democrats support immigration without caps.  Yes, some of the Republicans will rail against the illegals (and of course, the Democrats seem to care more about illegals than Americans), but no one opposes legal immigration.  And no wants to put any limits on who can come in. 

Muslims are the fastest growing immigrant group in America and Europe

It is literally an invasion but they are coming through legal means.  And because American immigration laws allow family reunification, the growth is going to be exponential in the coming years, because the immigrants can marry other Muslims overseas, and/or sponsor other family members.

Even Muslims from Terrorist Countries are Welcome

You see some countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Palestine, Egypt, and Libya produce terrorists in record numbers, but the US law does not care.  If they are otherwise eligible, Muslims from these countries will be issued a green card and given citizenship.  All the Muslim terrorists in America were present legally.  In other words, the United States Government cannot be trusted to vet potential terrorists.  They don't have the budget, they lack agents, and they are overburdened.  There is a lot of pressure to process applications quickly because that is what politicians in Washington and immigrant activists keep pushing them to.