Why do men hate shopping with women?

As much as I love my wife and never get tired of spending time with her, there is only activity that I hate: shopping.  And it is not just going to the mall, even a trip to the supermarket to buy groceries with her is a nightmare.  You see as a guy, shopping for me is a project that needs to be done in a methodical manner.  I list what I need, find it in the store, checkout, and leave.  Unless there is a strong reason to switch brands or look for something cheaper, why waste time?  I employ this technique on almost everything.  And no, I am not wasteful.  If I am buying an expensive item like a computer or television or car, I will do my research for weeks till I find the best fit, but my wife will spend hours in the mall with no intention to buy anything at all.  She will try half a dozen dresses and even ask for my opinion with absolutely no inclination to shop.  It is just her way of entertaining herself the way she entertains herself by hanging out in Sephora (imagine the nightmare if Sephora starts serving free beverages also — I am sure riots will break out).

Image of a bored man at the mall

So why is it that women like shopping so much?  Well, according to one study, women may try as many as 40,000 items over their lifetime.  This is 4X if what men do and no wonder it drives them nuts.  Their shopping success is just one in seven, and that is why there are more trial rooms and staff for them (girls are also more likely to try something before they buy while most dudes simply guess if something will fit them).

Women are also more likely to return items:  Well, after all the drama of a purchase, women are still not sure that they should have an item that they have bought.  What seems like a perfect item may not seem that way to them when they get home: the light is different, the mirrors at home are not as deceptive as in the store, the item does not go with other things they own, or they check it online and find that they overpaid.  Now, they make yet another trip to the mall to bring it back and maybe try some more outfits.  Guys, just accept that this is how it is going to be and you better have a smartphone with many apps to kill your time.

Separation, breakup, divorce even when in love

It makes no sense at first glance.  One of the most high profile cases was that of former vice president Al Gore and Tipper.  In a classic example of gray breakup, the couple separated, started new relationships, but continue to remain married.  They also show up for all family events as if nothing has changed.  They are happier that way, they say.  They both can pursue their own dreams but do not have to hate the ex or be bitter about them.

End of marriage of chris martin and gwyneth paltrow

The above is the blog post by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of their divorce.  We all believed that if someone had the perfect life, it was Gwyneth.  Loving husband, she is bilingual (speaks fluent Spanish), has lovely kids, a wonderful husband, roots in US and UK, acting awards, documentaries, books, and a successful website call GOOP.  Well, it seems that despite a perfect life, some couples are still not happy.  And since we live in a world that for the rich anything beneath perfect is unacceptable, they will move on, even if they love each other.

So yeah the family is not ending (it is clear that the meaning of family is evolving, meaning that even when both parents move on and start families with new partners, they continue to have a family with the ex — awesome!), the love is not ending, it is just that they will now be free of each other and live lives their way.