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Japanese fashion and style
The rest of the world is starting to admire it; but, what about the Japanese?   -----    
By Anna Toda

Picture of a sexy Japanese girl dressed in a white evening gownI am simply sick and tired of hearing anyone who is non-Japanese dictate to me or anyone of Japanese ancestry how she can and cannot wear her hair color, clothing, etc.  Try telling the Italians, the English, or for that matter anyone in the west that they should not dye or perm their hair, wear American clothing and live in the dark ages.  We Japanese are tired of controlling individuals.  They need to be creative and express themselves, like any other culture.  All of you  who criticize the Japanese are lucky that the Japanese people are polite to put up with your controlling, outspoken tendencies.

Not all Japanese have black straight hair, are short, and overtly submissive.  Many of them have very curly to auburn to brown hair and it's natural.  If they want to perm their hair or highlight it, let them!  And stop being so patronizing and hypocritical.  Appreciating cultural differences and intermarriage are beautiful. Look at Brazil - a tri-racial culture.  The Japanese too are finally breaking free from their controlling culture and are ready to learn, share and intermix with other cultures.  (Related:  Japan fashion week)

The Japanese should have freedom of choice.  I feel that would strengthen their culture, not weaken it.  Look at us Americans, we are all chopsuey, most of us are not pure anything.   Unfortunately because of such social pressures, many deny being Native Indian or black.  I think we should be proud of who we are.  If an oriental individual wants to change her hair color, she should not be put down for that.  The African Americans had the same problem when they were first started straightening and lightening their hair.  They are still made fun of when they dye their hair blonde.  Now the Orientals are also criticized for that.  

Most Caucasians are not naturally blonde or light haired as adults.  I have friends of European descent, male and female that bleach their hair on their heads, mustaches, eyebrows, body, etc. and no one makes a sarcastic remark to them.  Compare this with an oriental friend who lightens her hair color to an auburn or red shade and gets ostracized or demeaned in public.  Oriental women should speak out and not just take mockery.  You have every right to be beautiful.  If that means highlighting your hair, putting on beautiful American/European clothing, you should simply go ahead and do it.  As I feel, Japanese women are sometimes the most un-groomed looking group of people.  They need to fix themselves up more.  And pump up those muscles, guys.  You guys are too skinny.  A bit more macho and some more abs would help.

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