Increase breast size with diet and exercise?

Hillary is a 15-year old with what she thinks are clearly small breasts. Like millions of other women in her situation she wants to know if she can do something about it. She writes, “Is it possible to retain fat on one part of your body while toning another part through exercise? My aunt told me that by eating a good deal of bread and milk, my cup size will start to increase, because fat is being added to my body. She said that by doing 300 crunches every night, I’ll be keeping that fat from collecting on my tummy; thus, I’ll supposedly be gaining fat in my chest without gaining fat in my midriff. Is this possible? Is it even possible to gain fat in one part of your body while you’re working out another part to stay slim? In other words, would this “system” give me a bigger bust without giving me a fat tummy?”

The answer is no one knows if this works – our bodies do not operate in such simple manner. What your aunt is saying that if you eat a lot of carbs (not the healthiest way to eat consider we are all trying to switch to low carb diets) you will accumulate fat in the body. However, it may never go the chest and increase your cup size. And yes, regular exercise is a good habit and you must workout no matter what – crunches will also help you have nice toned abs; just don’t count on a fuller bust. If you follow this type of diet and exercise program, maybe you will not gain any fat or if you do, it could very well go to the thighs or someplace else.

That is why I would recommend that at your age you must eat a high protein diet and consume only normal amount of calories, exercise regularly (a fit, toned body is better than any other body type), and just wait to see what happens – you still have a few years to fully develop. After that you can decide if breast augmentation is the option for you.